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Program Learning Objectives

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Students who earn a B.A. in Art & Design: Games & Playable Media will gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding that will enable them to:
  • Demonstrate understanding of the connections between technical commitments and game system design, on one hand, and player experience and cultural communication goals, on the other.
  • Define, develop, and communicate artistically innovative game ideas—situated historically and employing the methods of multiple art practices.
  • Design and build a technical system, in response to an artistic goal for audience experience, that employs a fundamental understanding of algorithms and data structures.
  • Use knowledge of game history and interpretation sufficient to do independent research on a topic, identify relevant games and secondary literature, think critically about a particular games-related topic, and make a convincing, research-based argument about games.
  • Collaboratively plan, organize, and execute complex, team-oriented projects, using appropriate communication and coordination techniques.
  • Effectively use techniques for understanding how players experience a game system, and to compare this with project's artistic goals—then successfully iterate and revise project shape, scope, and function based on external feedback and personal/team constraints.