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Junior Transfers

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General Information for Junior Transfers

Students transferring into the program from outside of UC Santa Cruz can do so for their Junior year.

Screening for completion of specific major preparation courses prior to transfer will begin for Fall 2020. Students applying for the Fall 2020 term are advised to complete the following courses with a "C" or better (2.0+ GPA) for their intended major prior to enrolling at UCSC to graduate in a timely manner.

1. Minimum grade of C (2.0) in courses articulated to UCSC’s CSE 30, Programming Abstractions: Python

  • Students entering through Fall 2021 also have the option to use a course articulated to CSE 15/L (previously offered as CMPS 12B/M, Introduction to Data Structures/Lab)
    • Taking a course equivalent to CMPS 12B/M means that you will not need to take additional programming courses if admitted into UCSC. 
  • If courses equivalent to CMPS 12B/M are not available at your campus, please try to take courses that articulate to any of the following UCSC courses (you only need one):
    • CMPS 12A/L, Introduction to Programming (Accelerated)
    • CMPS 11, Intermediate Programming
    • CMPE 13/L, Computer Systems and C Programming
      • If admitted, you will still need to successfully complete CMPM 35, Data Structures for Interactive Media when you arrive at UCSC.

2. Minimum grade of C (2.0) in two art/design courses articulated to courses in the following list:

(Please use to view articulation agreements between your community college and UC Santa Cruz to make sure that you get into the right classes.)

If your local community college does not offer an equivalent a CMPS 12B/M (or any of the other programming courses) you can use our list of Online Programming Courses to find an online course from a different community college. A lot of students choose to take online courses at Foothill College or De Anza College since they are on a quarter system (instead of the semester system) , which is what UCSC uses as well. 

Junior-level transfer students are strongly encouraged to IGETC prior to enrolling at UCSC to graduate in a timely manner.

Junior Transfers Admissions banner

Click here to make a copy of this Junior Transfer planner in your Google Drive.

For more information, please contact:
Juan Morales-Rocha, Undergraduate Advisor, AGPM / 831-459-1554