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Elective Listings

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This page lists courses that satisfy the required electives for the major.

There are four types of electives:
1. Lower Division Arts
2. Media Creation
3. Game Design / Human-Computer Interaction (GD/HCI)
4. History of Art and Visual Culture (HAVC)

Please note, not all classes offered every year. Please contact each department for current offerings. 
Additional acceptable AGPM electives that have been approved via Course Substitution can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Lower Div Arts Electives  

Complete one from the following:


  • ART 10D, 2D Foundation (IM)
  • ART 10E, 3D Foundation (IM)
  • ART 10F, 4D Foundation (IM)

Art & Design: Games & Playable Media

  • ARTG 80G, Visual Communication and Interaction Design (Highly Recommended)
  • ARTG 91, Introduction to Game Art and World Building


  • MUSC 1C, University Concert Choir (PR-E)
  • MUSC 2, University Orchestra (PR-E)
  • MUSC 3, Large Jazz Ensemble
  • MUSC 5A, West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Beginning (PR-C)
  • MUSC 5B, West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Intermediate (PR-C)
  • MUSC 5C, West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Advanced (PR-C)
  • MUSC 6, Classical Guitar Ensemble
  • MUSC 8A, Beginning Balinese Gamelan (PR-C)
  • MUSC 8B. Advanced Balinese Gamelan
  • MUSC 9, Wind Ensemble (PR-C)
  • MUSC 10, Eurasian Ensemble (PR-C)
  • MUSC 80L, Artificial Intelligence and Music

Theater Arts

  • THEA 14, Drawing (PR-C)
  • THEA 15, Special Topics in Textiles (PR-C)
  • THEA 17, Costume Construction (PR-C)
  • THEA 18, Drafting for Theatrical Production
  • THEA 19, Design Studio: Lighting Studio A (PR-C)
  • THEA 20, Introductory Studies in Acting (IM)
  • THEA 21A, Acting Studio IA: Psychological Realism
  • THEA 21B, Acting Studio IB: Actors’ Physicality
  • THEA 22, Indonesian Dance and Drama (CC)
  • THEA 30, Introduction to Dance Theory and Technique (PR-C)
  • THEA 31C, The Dance Experience (PR-C)
  • THEA 33C, Dance Studio I
  • THEA 36, Introduction to Dance Composition  (PRC)
  • THEA 37, African Dance (PR-C)
  • THEA 40, Introduction to Directing (IM)
  • THEA 50, Fundamentals of Theater Production
  • THEA 80Z, Indian Dance (CC)

Media Creation Electives  

Check with course home departments and catalog for availability, prerequisites, or enrollment restrictions. ART courses may have restrictions or prerequisites. FILM courses have prerequisites and/or require an application, and are generally restricted to Film and Digital Media majors. MUSC courses are restricted to Electronic Music minors.

Complete three (if following 2018 and older Catalog Rights) OR complete four (if following 2019-20 CRs):


  • ART 101, Introduction to Computer Programming for the Arts
  • ART 102, Interactive Arts
  • ART 103, Physical Computing: Installation and Sculpture
  • ART 104, Digital Video
  • ART 105, Introduction to 3D Printing, Laser-cutting and More (also offered as DANM 140)
  • ART 106A, Introduction to 2D Animation
  • ART 106E, Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation
  • ART 106O, 2D Animation (Online)
  • ART 108, New Media and Social Practice Artmaking
  • ART 147T, Design Studio: Costume (also offered as Theater Arts 117)

Art & Design: Games & Playable Media

  • ARTG 118, Digital Drawing and Painting for Game Design (may be repeated for credit)
  • ARTG 129, Special Topics in Game Design (may be repeated for credit)

Digital Arts and New Media

  • DANM 140, Introduction to 3D Printing, Laser-cutting and More (PR-C, also offered as Art 105)

Computational Media

  • CMPM 25 + CMPM 26, Intro to 3D Modeling + Animation
  • CMPM 150, Creating Digital Audio

Digital Arts and New Media

  • DANM 220, Intro to Programming for the Arts

Film and Digital Media

  • FILM 170A, Introduction to Digital Media Production (PR-C) *
  • FILM 171D, Social Information Spaces**
  • FILM 173, Narrative Digital Media Workshop**
  • FILM 177, Digital Media Workshop, Computer as Medium**
  • FILM 179A, Special Topics in Animation***
  • FILM 179B, Documentary Animation Workshop***
  • FILM 189, Advanced Topics in Digital and Electronic Media Studies*

*Prerequisite is FILM 20C or Computer Science 101 or Computer Science 109
**Prerequisite is FILM 170A
***By application. Recommended prerequisite is FILM 170A


  • MUSC 123, Electronic Sound Synthesis
  • MUSC 124, Intermediate Electronic Sound Synthesis
  • MUSC 125, Advanced Electronic Sound Synthesis
  • MUSC 167, Workshop in Electronic Music

Theater Arts

  • THEA 104, Multimedia Authoring
  • THEA 106, Digital Illustration
  • THEA 114, Design Studio: Sound (PR-C)
  • THEA, 117, Design Studio: Costume (also offered as ART 147T)
  • THEA 124, Movement for Performers
  • THEA 157, Playwriting
  • THEA 159, Advanced Playwriting


Game Design/Human-Computer Interaction Electives  

Complete four (if following 2018 and older Catalog Rights) OR complete two (if following 2019-20 CRs):

Art & Design: Games & Playable Media

  • ARTG 131, 3D Game Art Production
  • ARTG 132, 3D Character Rigging and Animation for Games (PR-C)

Computational Media

  • CMPM 121, Game Technologies
  • CMPM 131, User Experience for Interactive Media
  • CMPM 146, Game AI
  • CMPM 147, Generative Design
  • CMPM 148, Interactive Storytelling
  • CMPM 151, Algorithmic Music for Games
  • CMPM 163, Game GFX & Real-time Rendering
  • CMPM 176, Game Systems
  • CMPM 177, Creative Strategies for Designing Interactive Media
  • CMPM 178, Human-Centered Design Research (PR-C)
  • CMPM 179, Game Design Practicum (PR-C, also offered as ARTG 179, may be repeated for credit)

Computer Science & Engineering

  • CSE 118, Mobile Applications
  • CSE 183, Web Applications

Digital Arts and New Media

  • DANM 219, Introduction to Electronics for Artmaking 


History of Art & Visual Culture (HAVC)  

Complete one from this list (if following 2018 and older Catalog Rights) OR complete any 5-unit HAVC course (if following 2019-20 CRs):

  • HAVC 22, Religion & Visual Culture in China (CC)
  • HAVC 24, Southeast Asia Visual Culture (CC, IH, A, E)
  • HAVC 30, Introduction to European Visual Culture (IM)
  • HAVC 41, Modern Art in Context (IM)
  • HAVC 43, History of Modern Architecture (IM)
  • HAVC 44, Designing California: Architecture, Design, and Environment (PE-E)
  • HAVC 45, Photography Now (IM)
  • HAVC 46, Intro. to U.S. Art and Visual Culture (ER)
  • HAVC 47, Intro to Global Architecture
  • HAVC 49, A Short History of the Digital (PE-T)
  • HAVC 60, Indigenous American Visual Culture (ER, A, E)
  • HAVC 70, Visual Culture of the Pacific Islands (CC)
  • HAVC 80, Legacies: Africa/Oceania/Americas (ER)
  • HAVC 118, Art of the Contemporary African Diaspora (ER)
  • HAVC 124E, Southeast Asian-American Visual Culture (ER)
  • HAVC 127F, Asian American Visual Culture
  • HAVC 135B, German Art, 1905–1945 (IM)
  • HAVC 135H, Topics in European and Euro-American Visual Culture (IM)
  • HAVC 140A, America in Art (IM)
  • HAVC 140C, Race and American Visual Arts (ER)
  • HAVC 140D, Chicano/Chicana Art: 1970–Present (ER)
  • HAVC 140P, Pop Culture as High Art (IM)
  • HAVC 141A, Modern Art: Realism to Cubism (IM)
  • HAVC 141B, Death, Desire, and Modernity (formerly Modern Art: Cubism to Pop) (IM)
  • HAVC 141C, Modern Art: Pop to Present (IM)
  • HAVC 141E, Histories of Photography (IM)
  • HAVC 141F, The Camera and the Body (IM)
  • HAVC 141H, Media History and Theory (IM)
  • HAVC 141I, Environments, Installations, Sites (IM)
  • HAVC 141J, Critical Issues in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture (IM)
  • HAVC 141K, Activist Art Since 1960: Art, Technology, Activism (IM)
  • HAVC 141M, Contemporary Documentary Art(PE-T
  • HAVC 141N, Deconstructing Data (PE-T)
  • HAVC 141O, Sex, Lies, and Surveillance: Contemporary Documentary Arts
  • HAVC 141P, Networks and Natures
  • HAVC 142, Contemporary Art and Ecology (PE-T)
  • HAVC 143B, History of Urban Design (IM)
  • HAVC 143C, Latin American Modern Architecture (CC)
  • HAVC 143E, History of Design: The Objects of Technology, 1850–Present (PE-T)
  • HAVC 143G, After Utopia: Architecture and the City, 1968–Present (PE-E)
  • HAVC 186I, Indigenous Art & Activism


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