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Susana Ruiz

Assistant Professor, Film & Digital Media

Susana Ruiz is an artist and scholar whose work traverses the intersections of cinema, games, art, ethics and activism. Her teaching and research are broadly concerned with how the intersection of art practice, design, computation, and storytelling can enable emergent forms of social justice, aesthetics, and learning.

Her research interests include “serious,” documentary, and “art” games; ubiquitous and locative experience design; animation; modes of transmedia storytelling, production and activism; game-based learning; empathic, value-centric and participatory design; and the artistic application of theories of social justice such as anti-oppression, intersectionalism, narrative power analysis, and ethical spectacle.

Contemporary visual culture and representation including: new media art, film, photography, games; theories of art and globalization; cultural studies.

Education and Training: 
Ph.D., Media Arts and Practice, University of Southern California
M.F.A., Interactive Media, University of Southern California
Office: 831-502-7564
149C Communications