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Online Programming Courses

Online Programming Courses

Check out the list of Online Programming Courses that are transferable to UCSC.
Please be sure to check for prerequisites (with the community college) that you might need in order to enroll! 

Notes for Students

Prospective Junior Transfers
If your local community college does not offer an equivalent a CMPS 12B/M: Intro to Data Structures, you can use this list to find an online course from a different community college. Furthermore, you could instead attend UCSC in the summer (before you apply to the program) and take CMPS 12B/M as a visiting student. 

Current AGPM Students
If you were hoping to take CMPS 12A/L or CMPS 12B/M at UCSC but the class is full, you can use this list to find an online alternative from a community college. Keep in mind that while UCSC is on the quarter system, most community colleges will be on the semester system.

  • If you wish to enroll in a class that will conclude at the end of Fall quarter, you will need to enroll for the Fall semester. This usually spans from August to December. 
  • If you enroll in a class during Spring semester (usually spans from January to May), you will have to work on it during both your Winter and Spring quarters.

(Please use to view articulation agreements between the community college of your choice and UC Santa Cruz to make sure that you get into the right class.)