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Major Declaration

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Declaration of the Major   

As of Fall 2020, in order to declare the AGPM major, you need to complete the four Major Qualification courses with a grade of "C" or better (these courses can also be taken as Pass / No Pass):
ARTG 80H - History of Digital Games
ARTG 80I - Foundations of Play
CMPM 80K - Foundations of Video Game Design
CSE 30 - Programming Abstractions: Python (prev: CMPM 35 or CMPS 12B/M)

Once you've done that, you should fill out the AGPM Major Declaration Form if you are declaring AGPM as a single major, or if you are changing your declared major.

If you are pursuing a double major or major/minor plan, please use the traditional petition for major declaration form and send it to me via email with the subject line: "Your Name - AGPM Double Major or Minor Declaration".

What if I haven't completed all of the major declaration courses?
If you haven't completed the major declaration requirements by the deadline (Frosh: 6th quarter, Junior Transfer: 2nd quarter) you can still petition to declare, and will likely be approved if you're in the following situations:

  • Enrolled in your final major declaration course(s) the quarter you are applying to declare
  • Were unable to complete the major declaration courses on time do to lack of course availability
  • Extraneous circumstances that prevented you from successfully completeing the course requirements. 

• Students receiving a C-, D+, D, D-, F or NP in one of the major qualification courses or associated labs may only declare once they have passed the same or equivalent course or lab with a grade of C or better. 

• Students need to complete these Major Qualification courses early in their studies so that the petition to major status is accomplished by the end of their sophomore year (if incoming as a frosh), or by the end of their second quarter (if incoming as a Junior Transfer).