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Junior Transfer via Portfolio Appeal

If you've applied to the Art & Design: Games + Playable Media (AGPM) program as a prospective Junior Transfer and were not admitted, you have the option of submitting a portfolio for review to try and appeal that decision.

The portfolio consists of a written statement (PDF) and a link to an online portfolio of supporting materials, sent via email to the AGPM undergraduate adviser, Juan Morales-Rocha (

The written statement should be two to three pages in length (12pt font / 1.5 line spacing) and answer the following questions:
●      Why do you want to pursue this major, specifically?
●      What kinds of games have inspired you?
●      What kinds of games do you wish to make?
●      How does your work demonstrate this intent?

The online portfolio may include:
●      Completed games (digital or non-digital) that can be experienced directly
●      Prototypes (paper or digital) that demonstrate knowledge of how games are constructed & how game designs work
●      Samples of fine art drawing and painting of characters, environments, and objects for game design ideas
●      Storyboards that communicate a narrative or user experience flow

The objective of the review is to admit students who demonstrate, as evidenced in their portfolio and statement, that their intentions and achievements are most compatible with the mission, standards, goals, and specializations of the AGPM B.A. The faculty is looking for vitality, commitment, resilience, and skill, or signs of potential for the development of these things.