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Academic Resources

AGPM Class Clusters

The AGPM class clusters are meant to help you pick out courses related to a particular game industry role you are interested in. You can check out the latest information about these class clusters here.

Spring 2020 Enrollment Resources

Please take a look at the following resources for Spring 2020 enrollment:

• AGPM Spring 2020 Enrollment Guide - Shows you the AGPM specific courses that are available this quarter.
What should I enroll in for Spring 2020? - This flowchart will help you figure out what classes you should enroll in based on what year you are currently in.
Best Bets for Spring 2020 - If you have any general education (GE) requirements still remaining, this list is great for finding one to take next quarter.
• Links to Google Forms related to enrollment issues - Includes the links to the ARTG enrollment intake form, the ARTG/CMPM 120 Permission Code Application form as well as the CSE 20/30 enrollment issues form.

All of these resources can be found at this link.