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AGPM Major Planner

Sample Course Planner for First Year Students

This planner shows a typical four-year path for students to graduate in the major, and takes prerequisite courses into consideration.

• It shows the Major Qualification Courses (courses you need to declare) in blue, and rest of the courses required for the major in green.

• It does not include all General Education (GE) courses which students may also need to complete.

• To access the Checklist Version of Required Courses, please click on the [Checklist] tab at the bottom of the Google Sheet.

Sample major planner for frosh

Click here to make a copy of this planner in your Google Drive.


Sample Course Planner for Junior Transfers

This planner shows a typical path for junior transfer students to graduate in the major. This plans assumes that you have completed a course(s) that articulates to UCSC’s Computer Science 12B/M, Introduction to Data Structures/Lab with a "C" or better.

Sample major planner for junior transfers