Elective Listings

This page lists courses that satisfy the required electives for the major.

There are three types of electives:
1. Lower Division Arts
2. Media Creation
3. Game Design / Human Computer Interaction (GD/HCI)
Please note, not all classes offered every year. Please contact each department for current offerings.

Lower Division Arts Electives:

Complete one from the following:


  • ART 10D, 2D Foundation (IM) or ART 10E, 3D Foundation (IM) or ART 10F, 4D Foundation (IM)
  • ART 20G, Introduction to Print Media and Drawing (PR-C)
  • ART 20H, Introduction to Sculpture and Public Art (PR-C)
  • ART 20I, Introduction to Photography  (PR-C)
  • ART 20J, Introduction to Drawing and Painting (PR-C)
  • ART 20K, Introduction to Digital Media (PR-C)

Art & Design: Games & Playable Media

  • ARTG 80G, Visual Communication and Interaction Design (Highly Recommended)

Digital Arts and New Media

  • DANM 30, Workshop in Computer Music
  • DANM 32, Internet Authorship for the Non-Programmer (PR-C)


  • MUSC 1C, University Concert Choir (PR-E)
  • MUSC 2, University Orchestra (PR-E)
  • MUSC 3, Large Jazz Ensemble
  • MUSC 5A, West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Beginning
  • MUSC 5B, West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Intermediate
  • MUSC 5C, West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Advanced
  • MUSC 8, Balinese Gamelan Ensemble
  • MUSC 9, Wind Ensemble (PR-C)
  • MUSC 10, Eurasian Ensemble (PR-C)

Theater Arts

  • THEA 14, Drawing (PR-C)
  • THEA 15, Special Topics in Textiles (PR-C)
  • THEA 17, Costume Construction (PR-C)
  • THEA 18, Drafting for Theatrical Production
  • THEA 19, Design Studio: Lighting Studio A (PR-C)
  • THEA 20, Introductory Studies in Acting (IM)
  • THEA 21A, Acting Studio IA: Psychological Realism
  • THEA 21B, Acting Studio IB: Actors’ Physicality
  • THEA 22, Indonesian Dance and Drama (CC)
  • THEA 30, Introduction to Dance Theory and Technique (PR-C)
  • THEA 31C, The Dance Experience (PR-C)
  • THEA 33C, Dance Studio I
  • THEA 36, Introduction to Dance Composition  (PRC)
  • THEA 37, African Dance (PR-C)
  • THEA 40, Introduction to Directing (IM)
  • THEA 50, Fundamentals of Theater Production
  • THEA 80Z, Indian Dance (CC)

Media Creation Electives

Complete three from the following:


  • ART 101, Introduction to Computer Programming for the Arts
  • ART 102, Interactive Arts
  • ART 103, Physical Computing: Installation and Sculpture
  • ART 104, Digital Video
  • ART 105, Introduction to 3D Printing, Laser-cutting and More (also offered as DANM 140)
  • ART 106, Introduction to Animation
  • ART 107, Introduction to 3D Graphics and Modeling
  • ART 108, New Media and Social Practice Artmaking

Art & Design: Games & Playable Media

  • ARTG 118, Digital Drawing and Painting for Game Design (may be repeated for credit)

Digital Arts and New Media

  • DANM 100A, Animation I (PR-C)
  • DANM 100B, Animation II (PR-C)
  • DANM 132, Literary Games: The Intersection of Writing and Play (PR-C)
  • DANM 133, Introduction to Electronics and Physical Computing (PR-C)
  • DANM 134, Hacking for Artists: Experimenting with Digital Media (PR-C)
  • DANM 135, Kinematics: Motion and Machine Art (PE-T)
  • DANM 140, Introduction to 3D Printing, Laser-cutting and More (PR-C, also offered as Art 105)
  • DANM 143, Projects in Ecological Art (PE-H)

Film and Digital Media

  • FILM 150, Screenwriting (PR-C)
  • FILM 170A, Introduction to Digital Media Production (PR-C)
  • FILM 170B, Fundamentals of Film and Video Production (PR-C)
  • FILM 171A, Sound
  • FILM 171C, Found Footage (PR-C)
  • FILM 171D, Social Information Spaces
  • FILM 172, Narrative Video Workshop
  • FILM 173, Narrative Digital Media Workshop
  • FILM 175, Documentary Video Workshop
  • FILM 176, Experimental Video Workshop
  • FILM 177, Digital Media Workshop, Computer as Medium
  • FILM 179B, Documentary Animation Workshop
  • FILM 189, Advanced Topics in Digital and Electronic Media Spaces


  • MUSC 123, Electronic Sound Synthesis
  • MUSC 124, Intermediate Electronic Sound Synthesis
  • MUSC 125, Advanced Electronic Sound Synthesis
  • MUSC 167, Workshop in Electronic Music

Theater Arts

  • THEA 104, Multimedia Authoring
  • THEA 106, Digital Illustration
  • THEA 114, Design Studio: Sound (PR-C)
  • THEA 157, Playwriting
  • THEA 159, Advanced Playwriting


Game Design / Human Computer Interaction Electives

Complete four from the following:

Computer Engineering

  • CMPE 131, Human-Computer Interaction

Computer Science

  • CMPS 121, Mobile Applications
  • CMPS 183, Hypermedia and the Web

Computational Media

  • CMPM 146, Game AI
  • CMPM 148, Interactive Storytelling
  • CMPM 177, Creative Strategies for Designing Interactive Media
  • CMPM 178, Human-Centered Design Research (PR-C)
  • CMPM 179, Game Design Practicum (PR-C, also offered as ARTG 179)


  • PSYC 128, Human Factors


History of Arts and Visual Culture

Complete one from the following:

  • HAVC 141A, Modern Art: Realism to Cubism (IM)
  • HAVC 141B, Modern Art: Cubism to Pop (IM)
  • HAVC 141C, Modern Art: Pop to Present (IM)