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Major Declaration

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Declaration of the Major

Prior to declaring the AGPM major, students must complete the following four Major Qualification courses with a grade of "C"or better (these courses can also be taken as Pass / No Pass):

1. ARTG 80H, History of Digital Games (PE-T)
2. ARTG 80I, Foundations of Play (PE-H)
3. CMPM 80K, Foundations of Video Game Design
4. CMPS 12B/M, Introduction to Data Structures/Laboratory*

*Note: CMPS 12B/M has computer science and mathematics prerequisites that are not considered in the major declaration process. Grades in these courses are not considered for qualification.

Once you have successfully passed all of the courses, please complete and sign the major declaration petition form and email it to the AGPM Adviser at

*If you have received two or more grades below C in the Major Qualification courses listed above, you must declare via portfolio appeal.

• Students receiving a C-, D+, D, D-, F or NP in one of the major qualification courses or associated labs may only declare once they have passed the same or equivalent course or lab with a grade of C or better. 

• Students who receive more than one grade of C-, D+, D, D-, F or NP in the major qualification courses can only declare the major through the portfolio appeal process.

• Students need to complete these Major Qualification courses early in their studies so that the petition to major status is accomplished by the end of their sophomore year.


Major Qualification via Portfolio Appeal

The program faculty will conduct a quarterly review of portfolios for students who have passed the four major qualification courses and associated lab, and wish to enter the major, but obtained more than one grade of C-, D+, D, D-, F or NP across all the classes.

The portfolio consists of a written statement and a link to an online portfolio of supporting materials, sent via email to the AGPM undergraduate adviser.

The written statement should answer the following questions:

●      Why do you want to pursue this major, specifically?
●      What kinds of games have inspired you?
●      What kinds of games do you wish to make?
●      How does your work demonstrate this intent?

The online portfolio may include:

●      Samples of fine art drawing and painting of characters, environments, and objects for game design ideas
●      Storyboards that communicate a narrative or user experience flow
●      Prototypes (paper or digital) that demonstrate knowledge of how games are constructed
●      Completed games (digital or non-digital) that can be experienced directly

The objective of the review is to admit students who demonstrate, as evidenced in their portfolio and statement, that their intentions and achievements are most compatible with the mission, standards, goals, and specializations of the AGPM B.A. The faculty is looking for vitality, commitment, resilience, and skill, or signs of potential for the development of these things.

Remaining courses and concerns about time to degree are also taken into consideration.

Within 15 days of this review, the faculty will notify the students, the Arts Division, college, and the Office of the Registrar of their decision.